What is the non emergency number for 911

what is the non emergency number for 911

Phone. Emergency - 911; Non-Emergency - 602-262-6151; Online Reporting · Reportes Policiales Electronicos; Information (602) 262-7626. For emergency situations call 9-1-1 and speak in your language. For non-urgent events contact 905-453-3311. An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance of emergency medical services, the police department or the fire department.

What is the non emergency number for 911 -

Where is the location? Reasons to Call the Non-Emergency Number Call the non-emergency number, 757-441-5610, to report the following: Any crime to a person, not life-threatening Auto theft not in progress Burglary to a home not in progress Loud music complaints Citizens may also use, the Online Reporting System provided by the Norfolk Police Department. Where and when the incident occurred or is occurring Your name and job title if on the job Where the person s committing the incident are located or where they went if they are now gone Description of suspect s for each person involved : Race White, Black, Asian, Indian, etc. It is important to keep a current service address registered with your VoIP provider. Address: 710 W 13th St Phone: 360 737-1911.

What is the non emergency number for 911 -

The neighbors are playing their music too loud. It is also important for you to stay as calm as possible to assist the 911 dispatcher. While we ask these questions, we are entering the information into a computerized dispatch system. Even if you call the Non-Emergency number, you may be tying up a Calltaker from answering a 9-1-1 call in a timely manner. More Information can be found here.

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